Program & Operations Assistant

As an entrepreneur I know firsthand the value of building a network greater than your own. I believe The Junto Institute leverages the power of the collective mind, giving companies a solid path toward success through shared experiences and group learning. I'm excited to be part of a company working to impart that sort of positive, and often challenging, change.  

Outside of The Junto Institute, I am the CEO of Maxine's Heavenly and I co-Founded Transcendence Theatre Company, an outdoor live events production company in Northern California. Over the past eight years, I've been deeply involved in the world of entrepreneurship, and I look forward to collecting more experiences through my work at The Junto Institute.

As the Programs and Operation Assistant for JuntoLA I manage a lot of the tactical execution of the Junto Apprenticeship program for our LA cohorts. This includes managing communication, documenting sessions, and supporting the general day to day activities.