Spinning Emotion Wheel.gif


The disgust and dismay of an unnecessary killing. The delight and anxiety of entering phase 3 in Chicago. The hopefulness and worry of nationwide protests. The awe and astonishment of putting humans in space again. The fear and horror of unnecessary violence. The shame and hurt of seeing it in our cities. The love and appreciation of people literally picking up the pieces. And the utter helplessness.

I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced so many emotions in one week and I imagine many of you can relate.

Once again, we are all in it together and we will all get through it together. And as we do, the spinning will slow down. Because all of it has to do with humanity and leadership, and that’s where change starts.

Junto is a flourishing ecosystem of growth, humanity, and virtue. We have this powerful skill set of emotional intelligence which, combined with the fact that we care about each other, creates a responsibility and obligation to do something. Let’s do it together.