According to Brian Burkhart (JuntoMentor), “Core beliefs are at the heart of every organization, whether those organizations realize it or not. Your core beliefs hold a sacred spot in your company’s operations, and sometimes an even more sanctified place in your customers’ psyche. That is truly the most valuable real estate on Earth.”

Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, Brian is standing for something. His firm declaration of something he deeply believes comes through loud and clear. And ever since he first taught a Class at Junto back in 2013, Brian has been screaming from the proverbial rooftops about the importance of articulating your beliefs.

Along the way, his life became intertwined with the JuntoTribe. He invested in one of our Alumni companies, Tiesta Tea. He launched a new business, Mutt Jackson, with the founder of yet another Alumni company. He did some consulting work for a few others, including The Junto Institute. And he built several close friendships, one of which was with Cathy Carroll (JuntoMentor), and so meaningful to her that she asked Brain to officiate her wedding.

This week, Brian’s aptly-named new book, Stand for Something: The Power of Building a Brand People Authentically Love, becomes available. It has dozens of practical examples and case studies, including Tiesta Tea. And while I’m not finished reading it, I can tell you that while it’s more targeted to a business audience, it has complete relevance to our personal lives as well.

Based on my experience, Brian’s message and how he articulates it is truly special and why he was invited back year after year to teach at Junto. Today, that message and style are widely available to the world through his book.

So if you or your company has ever wanted to learn how to build an identity that people remember, make an impact on others, and stand out in the sea of sameness, Brian’s shared experiences, case studies and, of course, beliefs can help you move in that direction. Along the way, you might just acquire some valuable real estate.