It’s fundamentally altering the DNA of the company and the way we work together.

"The more interaction I have with the program, the more proud and excited I am to be involved.  Establishing relationships with the other mentors and educators has also been rewarding.  We are even referring our companies to each other." - Junto I Mentor

As the CEO, I want to become the leader of the company, the leader of people, and I want to grow into what my true potential is.

"Every month when I see the line item for The Junto, I am amazed at the value that I am receiving. The return that I am getting for my investment in the Junto is far greater than I expected."


"The best part is the people and the community that has been built around it. You get the sense that something special has developed [through] the connections that I am making with my fellow CEOs and the mentor community."


It’s challenging me to be a better CEO.
It’s humbling and gratifying that this group of people is coalescing around our vision and our ideas. It’s this sense of community, where all they want is see us succeed.

"I've slowed down. I'm listening better. I'm uncovering more with my clients. Building better relationships with the people in my life. It's forcing me to be more thoughtful in just about everything I do."


"We've gotten help in [developing] self-awareness, leadership, and confidence - the things you never get taught in school."


If you want to grow as a leader, cofounder, and company, The Junto Institute is the perfect source.
Our team considers ourselves most fortunate to be members of the Junto tribe.