Last week, I shared my discovery of a new way of seeing happiness and joy – the idea of “filling our bucket.”

Lo and behold, it foreshadowed how my week would unfold. Through an unusually high number of interactions with the JuntoTribe, my bucket was getting filled every day. It overflowed so much by Saturday morning that I felt compelled to send my partners, Catherine and Jen, a long email detailing all that happened during my week.

I’ll spare the details but here are just a few of the things that were said last week that filled my bucket.

  • “I need my four hours of Junto each month.” – Patrick Tannous of Tiesta Tea

  • “I can just tell, every time we meet, that you all feel vested and you really, genuinely care about us as a company and as people.” – Anish Shah of Logical Media Group (Apprentice) to their Mentor Team

  • “The Master Class is a ground-breaking and life-changing program.” – Jim McGough of EdgeOne Medical (Alumni) about the Emotional Intelligence Master Class

  • “Over no 12 month span throughout my entire life have I ever learned so much about myself and others.” – Kris Krisco of Buildout (Alumni), also on the Master Class

  • “Sounds like it’s exactly what I need and I’d love to join.” – Brittany Chibe of Within/Without (Apprentice), our newest company

  • “I was traveling this week, a road trip [visiting customers]…and had you and all your guests on Flourishing Together in my car for about 10 of those 15 hours.” – Vimal Prajapati of P3 Global (Alumni)

What I’m realizing about Junto is that it creates a virtual cycle: the more Tribe members put in the work and see the outcomes, the more they share those experiences and results, the more we all get to feel happiness and joy, the more our buckets get filled, and the more work we then put in to getting better.