Remember when you were younger and needed a tutor to better understand specific concepts in school? Our Tutors do the same.

We partner with firms that specialize in marketing and branding, sales process and strategy, financial management, human resources, and legal issues. 

On a monthly basis, Junto companies have the option to meet with our Tutoring Partners and other Junto companies in a roundtable format to discuss specific tactical challenges and issues they are facing in any of the above categories. 


Who Attends: founders and key employees in relevant function. 

Time Commitment: optional one to three hours a month. 


Shared Experiences

Precise next steps.

"In just 30 minutes we were able to get precise next steps for financial reporting, stock options, and a comp plan."

- Junto IV CEO

Another perspective.

"The examples they shared were on point and gave me another perspective to consider." 

- Junto IV Key Employee


"We covered a ton in one hour and it was educational on numerous fronts."

- Junto IV CEO