The longer this plays out, the more I’m convinced that our emotional intelligence is growing. That’s because the foundation of it all, our self-awareness, is expanding. It’s a powerful tool and influences our being, our interactions, and our relationships.

Here are some ways we can put our self-awareness to use:

  1. Telling others how we’re feeling – in team huddles, at the dinner table, on Zoom calls, etc.

  2. Reflecting, meditating, or journaling on why. The more we probe into what’s driving those emotions (hint: it’s not the virus), the more our hearts and minds expand.

  3. Thinking about how we “show up.” How are we helping or hurting others with our presence? Are our emotions obvious over Zoom? Are we succeeding as leaders of our teams and our families? And how is everyone else responding to us?

  4. Acknowledging what we’re doing well or not. Some are coping better than others. Some are more productive than others. But none of us have been through this before so it’s important we give ourselves some slack.

  5. Reflecting (deeply) on what matters to us. This episode has given us a gift of pausing our hectic lives to varying extents. How can we use that to gain clarity on what’s important to us and help us explore our life purpose?

This list is nowhere nearly exhaustive but I’m hoping it’s a start.