Last week, I shared a few suggestions on how we can put our self-awareness to use during this remarkable time.

This week, it’s self-management. In my opinion, it’s the most important set of emotional intelligence skills, serving as the bridge between the self and others. Our ability to exercise self-management keeps us emotionally balanced, focused, productive, adaptable, and honest.

Here are some ways we can put our self-management to use these days:

  1. Noticing when we react (being impulsive) vs. respond (being thoughtful), and trying to find ways to increase the frequency of the latter.

  2. Experimenting with different motivators and strategies to get things done as we continue adapting to our new reality.

  3. Having accountability partners to keep us focused and productive (hint: just being on Zoom together, quietly doing our work).

  4. Intentionally changing small things in our home to work on our adaptability.

  5. Accepting and reflecting on the daily uncertainty of the world while still making forward progress.

  6. Living out our values and increasingly fulfilling our purpose.

Once again, it’s not a complete list but rather one to get us working. And the more we work, the more emotionally intelligent we become.