The startup founders regularly share their experiences with the Junto team on various aspects of the curriculum: the leadership forum, monthly classes, office hours, and mentoring program. Here is a sample of what they've had to say:

  • “I am benefiting greatly from the [forum] and would do next to anything to attend every [session].”
  • “Thanks again for assembling such an impressive group of mentors.”
  • “Really enjoyed the office hours [session], found it very valuable.”
  • [Our mentor] is an awesome guy. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with him and learn through his experiences as a leader.  
  • “My mentor suggested that my role as the leader of the team is not to motivate but to inspire. That motivation is internal and that the individuals on the team will have to deal with that themselves.”
  • “Just wanted to reiterate how beneficial the advice that [the office hour advisors] provided was.”
  • “You are an incredible notetaker. This is perfect and I used it for my meeting this afternoon so this has already been helpful. Thanks again!” - CEO to Junto team re: an office hours session
  • “[My mentor] provides me with focus, accountability, clarity and encouragement.”
  • “[My mentor] pumped me up before my investor presentation. He also helped with some employee issues I was having and gave me a lot of confidence.”
  • “There was very good energy in the conversation.”