Access to all twelve classes in Junto’s curriculum via real-time video streaming or video recordings for you and your business partners.

Eight classes on business topics to learn how to better run a company, and four classes on emotional intelligence topics to learn how to better lead a team and company. All the instructors are seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs: people who have "been there, done that."

Up to four company leaders virtually attend the same class together, resulting in aligned learning. The leadership team learns together, hearing the same material at the same time. There is no "telephone game". This leads to faster execution and reduced friction. But it doesn't stop there.

When everyone learns together, they talk with each other, sharing different perspectives and takeaways. This leads to exponential learning, not just for each person but for the company. 



Who Attends: up to four members of the leadership team attend virtually together; recordings of each class are shared with the leadership team.

Time Commitment: each Class is four hours long; Classes occur every 3-4 weeks.  

Class Topics:

  1. Hiring, Managing & Firing
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Growth Financing
  4. Building a Sales Organization
  5. Brand Engineering
  6. Operations & Metrics
  7. Leadership Communications
  8. Company Culture
  9. Leadership & Self-Awareness
  10. Leadership & Self-Management
  11. Leadership & Social Awareness
  12. Leadership & Relationship Management

Shared Experiences

Entrepreneurs with experience.

“You have entrepreneurs who actually have specific experiences in the specific fields they’re talking about. It makes it easier to relate.”

— Leadership Team Member

Learned more than MBA class.

“I have an MBA from Kellogg and learned more in this class than in any finance or accounting class there! Wonderful.”

— Leadership Team Member

Ten great ideas to implement.

“One of the most enlightening days ever! I got 10 great ideas and will try to implement. The processes were pretty basic and common sense. But the execution was absolutely amazing.”

— Company CEO