Facilitated monthly meetings via video with three Mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs and executives, operating like an advisory board. These Mentors are curated based on what each company says it needs from a industry, market and functional standpoint.

The Mentor Team virtually meets with the company's management team on a monthly basis for two hours to address operational and management issues the business is facing: sales, marketing, financial, human resources, technology, production/delivery, organizational structure, etc. 



Who Attends: full management team attends Mentor Team meetings.

Time Commitment: two hours per month.

Mentor Profile: All Mentors are seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives with no less than 15 years of operating experience. Each one is personally vetted by The Junto Institute. 


Shared Experiences

The magnitude of experience.

"The Mentor Team created for us had an amazing impact. Frankly, that’s what made us sign on the dotted line for Junto. The magnitude of experience and intelligence in the room was great." 

— Company CEO

Expertise to tackle problems.

"Imagine high level executives and/or CEOs coming into your business and giving their time and expertise to help you tackle your problems. We went through issues from retaining customers to forming our board." 

— Company Co-founder

Make really wise decisions.

"The Mentor Team helped us to come together as a team and outline a plan of action. We were able to make really wise decisions as a company during these crucial decision points."

— Company CEO