I was on a panel yesterday morning, speaking on Vision, Mission & Values, when a woman in the audience asked a question:

“How can we help our team members develop their own vision, mission, and values? It would enable us to see how aligned we all are with the company.”

My response was that it was quite an evolved question and I gave kudos to her for asking it. As I’ve written, I believe that the fit between business and personal VMV is a powerful mix. Yet that was referring to founders and leaders.

The audience member’s question opened up this fascinating development opportunity in my mind for both the company and its team.

I’ve rarely heard of any company helping their employees – as a standard practice – craft their personal VMV. And while I see the value in discovering how aligned the statements are with the company’s, I see even more value simply in the connection it could help build with the people we work with.

Today’s workforce is far more purpose-driven than ever before, people want to be a part of something bigger, and our belief systems (spiritual, economic, social, and political) are increasingly becoming part of daily work conversations. So it makes sense that we put that into a bigger picture by getting to know each other’s VMV.

We often talk about our people’s long-term career ambitions and short-term performance objectives/goals. Each one is similar, respectively, to a company’s long-term strategic plan and short-term operating plan and KPIs. But neither one makes complete sense rationally unless we have the larger context that vision, mission, and values can offer.

And emotionally, the connection we build with team members by being the company that helped them with such a personal and high impact exercise will forever leave a stamp.