Whether the “wild” in “wildflowers” is in the cracks of concrete, on the banks of a river, or 12,000 feet above sea level, beauty still finds a way to emerge and flourish.

We can learn important lessons from this given the “wild” that we lived through in 2020: a deadly disease, a divided country, a hurting society, an uncertain economy, and much more. But despite this proverbial wilderness, as always, beauty still found a way to emerge and flourish.

The question for us is, did we see it? Did we stop periodically to reflect on our growth? Did we have people who could tell us where we were flourishing and how? Were we surprising ourselves by things we were saying or doing? Were we taking “pictures” of this beauty?

If not, that’s ok. Just like wildflowers, our beauty will keep emerging and, often, without us even knowing.