Marketing & Community Manager

Junto has been an eye-opening experience. Not only am I learning from my peers, but I have the opportunity to build my professional skills based on the shared experiences from seasoned professionals. I have been inducted into a community where I have been welcomed with open arms, and that allows me to grow as a professional and gain lifelong friends simultaneously. 

My passion in life has always revolved around the idea of helping others grow personally and professionally. Coming from the CPG industry, with a background in sales and management, I joined the JuntoTribe to continue to build on the idea that we can get further in life with the help and guidance of others. The pay-it-forward aspect is something that I live by, but also something that is so readily apparent within the JuntoTribe.

As the Marketing and Community Manager I oversee much of the communication and campaigns for our programs. I have an active role in all of our content marketing as well as some of the facilitation in our programs. To me, the best part about Junto is the constant engagement I have with some of the smartest minds in the business world, and that every day I get to experience some of the most humbling and heartfelt expressions of life’s ups and downs. At Junto, we truly grow together.