The burning questions we tend to hear the most.

What does the free trial include?

You get everything that’s included in the membership plan. You can attend all the live Roundtables each week, sign up for Group Coaching Sessions, and join the Mentoring Circles. Plus, you will have access to The Hub, where you can network with other members, watch Roundtable recordings, and engage in discussions.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, anytime you want.

What’s the difference between Roundtables, Mentoring Circles, and Coaching Sessions?

Roundtables are live sessions where you learn from a speaker who has deep experience about a specific topic in areas like sales, hiring, culture, leadership, etc. Mentoring Circles are small group sessions where you can ask questions of seasoned executives, whether you’re a CEO, COO, sales leader, etc. And Coaching Sessions are where you learn how to improve your emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Do you record roundtables in case we can’t attend?

Yes, most roundtables are recorded and then edited. Only members have access through The Hub.

What is The Hub?

An online community where members network with each others, engage in topic-based discussions, and have access to Roundtable recordings and other exclusive content.

How do I network with other members?

You can meet fellow members at live sessions, in The Hub’s discussion forums, and at special networking events we hold for members only.

Can my team also have access?

Yes, you have options for a small team to join or your entire company. See our Membership page for details.

What topics are covered in the Roundtables?

A wide range of functional topics like sales, hiring, operations, finance, customer support, and leadership. In addition, a wide range of personal growth topics like emotional intelligence and well-being. For a sample, visit our calendar (note: only current Members may register)

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