Leadership Team Forums

A small, private, facilitated group forum to have conversations your executive team has never had before.

Get on the Same Page and Stay There

If your leadership team is like most others, it faces challenges when it comes to alignment, communication, and trust. And you know that when those things are working, it’s like a symphony: everyone is in sync and the performance is outstanding.

In a Leadership Team Forum, your executives build greater trust and empathy, learn how each person is wired, and address issues in an emotionally intelligent manner. And because your Forum has a Junto facilitator, they follow a designed and systematic process, and have built-in accountability.

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Because your leadership team wants to improve communication, trust, and alignment but doesn’t know how. Furthermore, the team needs to have hard conversations that move relationships and the organization forward. And finally, the team needs to build emotionally intelligent behaviors that help create a foundation for the team to grow together.

The Leadership Forum is a structured, process-driven conversation group for an executive team to grow together. Each session has 1-2 member presentations (depending on size) and a leadership discussion on a specific topic. The Forum has a dedicated Junto facilitator who lightly moderates the conversations, holds the team accountable, and ensures the process is followed.

The Forum is a one-year program which begins with two half-day sessions in the first month and is followed by 2-4 hour sessions every month thereafter, depending on group size.

The Leadership Team Forum is ideal for 3-6 leaders of a growing company, regardless of experience or title. In most cases, this group consists of C-level executives. All team members must be bought into the program’s purpose, and sessions are “everyone or no one:” in the event anyone cannot attend a particular session, it will be rescheduled.

Your Forum will be professionally facilitated by a Junto partner who has personal experience as a Forum member as well as deep experience with emotional intelligence training.

The Forum sessions follow a proven and designed process to make every meeting highly productive and . Your team will be asked to follow specific participation and conversation protocols that help build a psychologically safe environment, leading to greater mutual trust and equal participation.

All sessions are held live via Zoom. We ask that participants are fully engaged and present, with video on and a high quality microphone or headset. Because some content and discussions can be of a sensitive nature, and because much of the learning occurs through peer conversations, teams are asked to ensure that everyone attends, otherwise, sessions must be rescheduled.

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What we took away that was most important was the way our senior leadership team works together. We are coming out of the experience with an entirely different ability to do that than we had going in. It’s going to change [our] trajectory.

Co-founder & CEOproperty management firm

One of the most important things in my life. The camaraderie and the bonds are something I’ve never felt before. The [skills] are a completely different thing that [we] are practicing together. We all hold each other accountable.

Co-founder & PresidentCPG company

Being vulnerable and talking through [things] has made me a stronger individual.

Co-founder & CEOe-commerce company