Imagine having greater clarity and confidence.

Imagine learning from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Imagine not feeling lonely or being lonely.



Case Studies

Spikeball Junto Institute

In the five years since Spikeball graduated from Junto’s Apprenticeship Program, the bootstrapped company has grown from 2 to 26 people and $1 to $20 million in annual revenue.

Chris Ruder, CEO, credits Junto for helping him learn how to build systems and processes, become more emotionally intelligent, and transition from an operator to a CEO.

What I thought was going to be too big of an investment in time was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
— Chris Ruder, Founder & CEO, Spikeball

TopstepTrader enrolled in Junto’s Apprenticeship Program with 10 people, two of whom were key employees ready to leave because of an unhealthy culture and authoritarian founder.

Four years later, both team members are still with the company which has since won numerous awards for their culture and workplace excellence, and now boasts nearly 50 people.

Everyone at the table - and I mean everyone - was looking at me, and I realized I had to change.
— Michael Patak, Founder & CVO, TopstepTrader

After Buildout raised $8 million and had grown beyond 50 people, their executive team knew they had to level up as leaders of a rapidly growing tech company with multiple stakeholders.

Since they completed Junto’s Apprenticeship Program in 2018, they’ve become more aligned, more emotionally intelligent, and better at communicating with one another.

The program affected the company so many times in so many little ways that it’s hard to catalog them.
— Vishu Ramanathan, Co-founder & CEO, Buildout

More Shared Experiences

I cannot tell you how many times I was thanked for investing in the leadership development of the team. I was taken aback that people thanked me, I didn’t expect it.
— Kathy Steele, Founder & CEO, Red Caffeine
The 4-hour sessions we had once a month sent tidal waves throughout our company. I remember going to lunch after each of those with our team and dissecting our company through an entirely new lens.
— Vimal Prajapati, Co-founder & CEO, P3 Global
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Junto gave me the structure and the support to build the company I want. I [had to] fire two people, but I know my team was in alignment.
— Deborah Jackson, Founder & CEO, Arrow Payments