Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

A proven, structured course for coaches, consultants, trainers, and HR leaders to bring emotional intelligence learning to their clients and employees.

Become a certified instructor and coach for a high-demand skill set.

Build your personal brand, reputation, and potential for new income.

Learn from an experienced instructor and practitioner of emotional intelligence.

Help your clients or employees become better managers and leaders.

Learn the science and application of E.I. in the remote workplace.

Get a one-year license for training materials and presentation notes.


all sessions are 90 minutes long


 Attend 12 live monthly class sessions.


Watch 12 recordings at your pace.

must pass online test after each session



  Attend 12 live monthly coaching sessions.



 Co-teach two live sessions.



Wed 4/28, 10:15-11:15am CT

Live Sessions

Starting 4/28, the fourth Wednesday of each month, 11:30am-1pm CT
alternate dates will be available monthly for accelerated completion or makeup sessions

Coaching Sessions

Starting Wed 5/10, the second Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7pm CT


Starting Fri 5/26, the fourth Friday of every month from 9:30-11am CT


  1. Your Brain & Emotional Intelligence
  2. How Emotions Affect Thinking & Behavior
  3. Emotional Awareness + Self-Image
  4. Self-Confidence + Personal Clarity
  5. Emotional Balance + Achievement Orientation
  6. Adaptability/Resilience + Integrity
  7. Attention, Cognitive Empathy + Emotional Empathy
  8. Compassion + Service Orientation
  9. Teamwork + Conflict/Harmony
  10. Influence + Inspirational Leadership
  11. Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
  12. Building a Culture of Emotional Intelligence


Raman (rah’ muhn) Chadha has been studying, practicing, and teaching emotional intelligence since 2008, accumulating nearly 10,000 hours of experience with the subject matter. What began as a personal interest turned into a lifelong passion that grew his relationships, inspired his purpose, changed his life, and became his vocation.

In 2012, Raman founded The Junto Institute to bring emotional intelligence learning to founders and leaders of growing companies. In 2022, Raman updated Junto’s curriculum to reflect the practice of E.I. in the remote workplace along with significant advances in neuroscience and psychology.

A longtime Chicagoan, today Raman lives a nomadic lifestyle which takes him to wide open spaces that offer constant sunshine and new experiences, along with the flexibility to teach E.I. to people around the world. He is a devoted father of two adult daughters, each of whom has contributed mightily to his own growth. His favorite saying is “I’m happier today than I was yesterday.”

Prior to Junto, Raman was a Clinical Professor at DePaul University in Chicago, and founding director of its entrepreneurship center. He earned an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and a B.A. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


only 8 seats available


Early bird: $3,800 by April 7, 2023

Standard: $4,800 after April 7, 2023

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“A platform to better ourselves and our business. If we are not training together then we are leaving alignment to chance. A foundation of emotional intelligence helps us focus on modifying behaviors to better align with our core values.”

“The program has taken me to a whole other level both professionally and personally. I have been able to better identify my strengths and weaknesses and work on both of them. In feedback from my boss and peers I was told I’m a new person.”

“I absolutely LOVE the Junto program. I feel so emotionally refreshed every time I leave. This course has helped me in my leadership and communication skills professionally...and personally!”

“An invaluable experience for any growing leader.”

“This blew away what I thought I knew about EI! Raman is an incredible leader & his enthusiasm on the topic is contagious. After every class I feel inspired, energized & more in tune with myself as a leader.”

“The class provided a strong theoretical framework as well as the opportunity to practice and collaborate with skills that help us become our best selves.”

“The classes keep me accountable as a leader. Attending them each month has made such a difference in how I manage and lead. It teaches you the stuff you don't learn in an MBA - at least not your traditional one.”

“As a young leader, Junto’s course has been a gift. It has given me the confidence to move my team and inspire others to become their best selves.”

“Eye-opening experience, both personal & professional. All humans should be involved in this curriculum.”

“The beginning of a life changing experience. It opened the door to the areas which I didn't systematically work on before, gave me the tools to practice, and connected me with a community for continued support.”