It doesn’t matter how emotionally intelligent you are. What matters is how emotionally intelligent you can be.

The research shows that our capacity to build emotional intelligence at any point in our lives is unlimited. We have the power to become more self-aware, exercise greater self-management, become more socially aware and, as a result, develop stronger relationships. When that starts happening, our leadership effectiveness automatically increases at a heightened rate.

At Junto, we have plenty of evidence that this can happen…and does happen.

  • Six years ago, Dave Dyson of Eclipse Telecom said, “I’ve slowed down. I’m listening better. I’m uncovering a lot more with my clients. It’s forcing me to be more thoughtful in just about everything I do.”

  • Five years ago, Mark Murrell of GetMaineLobster said, “I have these X-ray glasses now. I’m able to see things a little bit differently. I see people’s bullshit, I see their truth…I see everything I need to see.”

  • Three years ago, Kathy Steele of Red Caffeine said, “What I didn’t recognize, in entering the Junto program, is how much I had to change. I didn’t recognize how un-emotionally intelligent I was until we had to go through the experience.”

  • And last year, Geri Hernandez of Savory Crust said, “There is now order. No more running around. No more frantic craziness. More decisions are driven by data which has made me a stronger and more confident leader and operator.”

We have many more reflections like these, proving that no matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or how experienced you are, you can become more emotionally intelligent when the effort is made. And it doesn’t take years but mere months.

It might be the most meaningful shared experience I can provide.