It’s our ability to recognize the emotions in ourselves, discriminate among and label them with specific words, understand why they exist, and regulate them with our rational brain. But there’s more.

It’s also our ability to do the same with others: recognize their emotions, find out how they identify them, learn why they exist, and then help them regulate as well. And still, there’s more.

It’s also our ability to use all that information to guide our thoughts and actions, in order to be a better version of ourselves and build better relationships with others.

The “it” – as many of us know – is our emotional intelligence. And those of us who know that have a responsibility because we know more than the typical person. We know better.

We know the language, we know the levels, we know the building blocks, we know the skills, we know the behaviors. And we know how hard it is to practice.

For now, we’re entitled to feel whatever we’re feeling…for as long as we need. And so is everyone who is feeling the opposite.

But at some point, when we’re ready, it will be helpful to put “it” to use, for us and for them. Because we know better.